Am I Lemurian?

Wanting to know our roots and our heritage is as old as time. When we were tribal we lived by the sun, moon and stars, and knew our roots. As Lemurians we had a deep sense of connection to the stars – the Pleiades – and our heritage from there.

After thousands of years and countless incarnations we are again drawn back to this heritage.

As old souls reawakening to our union with the Divine Source, knowing our Pleiadian legacy fills in the blanks of a forgotten time.

Do you remember?

Some memories seem clearly familiar and there isn’t any doubt, but other times our memories seem vague and we question. How we can fully validate our Pleiadian legacy when we have been programmed to doubt our connection Divine Source and a God (Goddess) that lives inside of us?

By saying ‘yes’ to the sense of remembering and our intuitive insights into the past, we can acknowledge that we were and are a part of the Divine Source energy that manifested through the Pleiadians in Lemuria.

If you wonder, “Was I Lemurian?” your question is answered in the asking. Not everyone asks that question!

There are millions of people who have no inkling of any past lives, never mind lives as specific as Lemurian.

Turn your question into an empowered statement, “I was Lemurian!” and you have a profound opportunity to explore the richness of your Lemurian Akash. In other words, you wouldn’t be asking if the answer wasn’t already there waiting. Why look outside yourself for the answer? Instead, trust the answer that comes from within you!
Am I Lemurian??   Of course, old soul!