Daughters of Mu & the Lemurian Wisdom School 

The lemurian Wisdom School has been created to help bring back the ancient Knowledge taught to us by our ancestors that will help us to re balance our lives and create a new empowered society for future generations

 From the time of Lemuria when we had personal access to our Pleiadian Mothers and Teachers this knowledge is imprinted into our akash, for many lifetimes we have had to keep this information hidden in Mystery Schools, now it is time to bring it back out into the open as we recreate the New Lemuria and peace on earth

When he came to London in 2014 Kryon said that the UK was the perfect place for keeping Secrets and that in the past those secrets would have been kept by Lemurian trained priestesses in Mystery Schools from the bottom of Plymouth to the top of Wick.

In the summer of 2017 Kryon made it known that NOW was the time for the Secret Keepers within the Lemurian Sisterhood to begin making those secrets available to the world

Secret Societies


The Wisdom School will offer something for all ages & experience levels & will evolve as the energy changes
The Daughters of Mu will be our Women only programme

 This is a community project so if you feel you are being called to join us in ths project or if this speaks to you in any way - drop us a line   

The Message from the Star Mothers today is

I AM YOU -YOU are ME - WE are one big FAMILE x