Baby Blessings & Ceremonies

Lemurian Baby Blessings 
Give your new born the perfect start in life with a Lemurian Blessing

This is a short and sweet little ceremony to welcome your new born into the world
often a small private and very personal ceremony

If distance is an issue I offer a simple blessing using Quantum Healing techniques see
Distant Healing page

Baby Loss Ceremonies 
This is wonderful way to honour a little one who stayed on this plane but a short time

includes a blessing for mum and dad

This can be a private ceremony with mum only as a way to honour the journey of mother and child or can include the wider family in a more formal occassion

  Naming Ceremonies  

A name is such an important part of our identity and helps shape us as we journey through life
This is usually held as a formal ceremony

Adoption Ceremony
Welcoming a new child of any age into your family is always a cause for celebration 

I am available for private Ceremonies in Central Scotland