Children of Mu - Children of the New Lemuria
Healing & Rebalance Sessions for Children - Rainbow, Indigo, Crystal, Star or Otherwise

Children are our future and we owe it to them to provide the best start possible

Reflections Club -Medicine Circles
Lemurian Teaching Wheel Circles for girls only and mixed circles for girls and boys

Healing Sessions for children
Do you have a sensitive child who finds the world a harsh and difficult place to be
are they sad, angry, confused or lost
Lemurian Healing will help them to find their own unique gift & purpose in life

Lemurian Baby Blessings, Healing & Baby Naming Ceremonies.
Each baby born in the new energy even if they are only with us a short time carries a special vibration that has the potential to create peace on earth

Coming of Age Ceremonies
For young girls reaching puberty who would like to mark the occassion with a special bespoke ceremony

Complementary Therapies for Children - Reiki for Children - Lemurian Healing for Children