The Daughter's of Mu Community Projects

Our first Community project is helping to set up the Warrior Ranch in Fife

                                              This is a new Care Farm and Equine Personel Development ;  
 The Warior Ranch is aimed at Service Men and Woman or Ex Service Men and Woman sufferring from PTSD

We will be taking our herd of mustangs to the ranch and setting up a seperate project called the Medicine Pony Tribe / Braves for the children and partners

There is much to be done to get the buildings and fences completed not to mention the 500 mile drive as we take the mustangs up from Devon to Scotland 2 by 2

The land ajoins 3000 acres of Forestry land waiting to be re planted so plenty of volnteer opportunities for anyone who likes getting their hands dirty or is interested in fund raising 

Both projects are in their infancy and ready to be born into the new Lemurian Community Energy

if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch