The Gaia Experience & the Wheel of Balance
the Elementals & the Garden of Eden

Do you have a love of Gaia and feel so much better when you spend a day in nature ?

Do you hear the Faeries calling, the tinkle of laughter in the breeze? 

See Unicorns, Dragons & Water Sprites out of the corner of your eye?

After a time of darkness, Gaia is beginning to rebalance herself & the faeries, elementals, divas and water sprites are returning to help raise the vibration of the earth,
they are here to remind us to add a little sparkle and find the joy in our lives
 This Gaia Wheel Experience is an indoor alternative to the horse wisdom programme 
It is an entry level workshop and runs from Autumn Equinox - Spring Equinox 11-am - 4pm
Energy Exchange = £100 per person on a 1-1 basis  or £60 each for 2 or more booking together 

 As with all other Wheel of Balance Workshops the activities will be determined by Gaia, the Elementals, your own guides and the Star Mothers and will be unique to the energy of those attending on the day