Lemurian Healing for Children
Special Needs, Autism, Adhd, Indigo, Crystal or Otherwise

 I have been working professionally with children for over 30 years & hold thereapy insurance & a current DBS
NB: - Children who have capacity to understand will be required to give permission for healing
Although parents are welcome to stay in the room some children & young people may feel less inhibited if parents are not involved at this stage, flexibility of sessions is important when working with children therefore if you are thinking about booking a healing session for your child please get in touch to discuss the best way forward for you and your family

 Lemurian Healing
has been particularly useful in healing the symptoms & negative belief systems associated with
 Adhd, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attachment Disorders, Dyslexia, Grief, Trauma, Immune Disorders
Lemurian Healing will help your child find the gift within their challenge

For children with Disabilities & life limiting conditions Lemurian healing will help your child to sleep & ease discomfort associated with regular medical intervention. No matter what the condition healing will provide some sort of improvement and can help keep infections at bay

I have personally worked with and helped many children with conditions such as
Battens disease, Trisomy 18, Cerebal Palsy, Epilepsy, Fragile X, Cleft Pallate and many other genetic disorders 

Children's Healing sessions usually last between 30 - 45 minutes,
for best results a commitment to a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended
parents may sit in during the session with the childs permission
Children's Lemurian Healing sessions may be hands on or hands off depending on the preferemce of your child

A Childrens Lemurian Healing Session costs £20 -
there may be some travel costs involved for home visits

Childrens Lemurian Healing sessions will be held in Cumbernauld