the Lemurian Teaching Wheel & the Journey Home to the Goddess inside
The original Lemurian Teaching Wheel of Seeking Balance teachings from the star mothers
(as channelled by Lee Carroll (kryon) & Laura Barbour)  

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Daughters of Mu Lemurian Teaching Wheel Workshops  -
Journey Home to the Goddess inside
For Goddesses who would like to immerse themselves in the Wisdom Teachings of the Star Mothers

This Retreat has a pre requisite of having completed one of the other Daughters of Mu Workshops
it can either be taken as a stand alone Retreat or as a stepping stone to the Daughters of Mu Priestess Training

This is where we give Pure Intent to step forward into our power, reclaiming our individual gifts,

those little nuggets of crystal & gold that we planted in our DNA in readyness for this life time .

As you step forward into spiral one your cells will all sit up in readyness to unlock your Akashic memories
We will work with the healing energies from the days of the

During this 3 day Goddess Retreat you will receive an initiation into the Daughters of Mu