Kryon Meet Ups
facilitated by Laura & Mac

Kryonite meet ups - Scotland
which provide a safe space for people who follow the work of Kryon to get together and share stories


Transference of Wisdom Ceremonies
from the Sacred Feminine to the Divine Masculine

Celebrating the energy of new empowered communities where men and women work together in harmony each honouring the energy and skills of the other

As the saying goes - it takes two to tango 
when we each honour & respect the other as the lady and the lord of the sacred dance of life our
children will thrive and our communities blossom

When we release the old family and ancestral conditioning of outdated male - female roles we will discover the part we have each played in the illusion of seperation & that the key to peace is working together 

The pendulum has swung both ways - Now its time to find the balance point

We all have both male and female memories in our Akash, lets use those memories to understand the wounds and fears that have conditioned each of us and find new ways of working together in harmony

So don't be shy x come and join us x your light is needed on the planet

Monthly Kryon Meet ups for Men and Woman - Scotland