Lemurian Healing for Children
Emotional Balance for Children of Mu

 Lemurian Healing v Reiki Healing
Our Lemurian Healing and Emotional Balance Sessions are more interactive than our Reiki sessions and will require your child to play an active part in the process, it will assist your child in setting new goals that will work for them and is ideal for children & young people who have some social or emotional difficulties 

Each session will be unique
We will begin with some goal setting and end with some gentle hands on energy sessions
For best results making a commitment to a minimum of 5 sessions will allow optimum opportunity for change

Some things that may be changed
Stress and Anxiety
Anger or Frustration
Depression, Grief and Loss
Lack of Confidence - Self Esteem

contact Laura today to find out how Lemurian Healing can help your child find their own unique gift
normally 1-1, however I am happy to make a programme for 2 or more children sharing

When booking please provide your child's time, date and place of birth
The first session may last 1 hour - 1hour 30 minutes, thereafter 45 minutes -1 hour

£30 for the first session and £20 for subsequent sessions