* UK Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle*
​Glastonbury & Scotland

Come to the Circle Daughters of Mu - Come the Circle - the Star Mothers are calling YOU!
Share your joys, fears, hopes and dreams in the safety of the sacred circle

From Lemuria till today this is the moment you have been waiting for
Reawaken your Divine Feminine Essence, activate your Lemurian DNA and be initiated into 
The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters and the Daughters of Mu
Join us as we connect to the great teachers the Star Mothers & Gaia our Earth Mother

The Lemurian Wisdom School is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Gaia our Earth Mother along with her team of Elementals and the Core Teaching from the Star Mothers or the Seven Sisters as passed down
Mother to Daughter from the time of the Garden of Eden and Lemuria to Avalon, Alba, Eire & beyond 

Now is the time to stand tall, celebrate your own Divinity and join your Lemurian Sisters
Come along and share your Magic with your Sisters

Heal the World and help build the new Lemuria 

4 hour combined lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle & Daughters of Mu Wheel of Balance Ceremonies

To Join the New Scottish branch of the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle  
 text or call Laura on 07392185022 for more information  

 3 Day Lemurian Temple of Rejuvenation Intensive 
In the original Lemuria you may have been fortunate enough to participate in a 3 day visit to the Temple of Rejuvenation where supported by your sisters you would pariticipate in 3 days of Healing which would re set or recalibrate and reinvigerate your cells allowing you to live longer 

NEXT 3 Day Retreat - November  - Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire
Venue to be confirmed
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