Reiki Home Visit

Reiki can be given and received equally effectively hands-off or via distant healing. 

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ translates as universal life force energy, it was developed by Mikao Usui the early 20th century,

Reiki is given fully clothed in a quiet environment and is safe for adults, children, mothers–to–be, babies and animals
It is a gentle non invasive Healing modality that can be used along side other medical interventions

Some of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual symptoms that Reiki has been known to assist with are

 Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Pain Reduction
Faster wound Healing
Support with Cancer Treatments such as Chemotherapy
Painful Joints / Arthritis
Liver Problems
Back pain

Reiki home visits normally last around 30 mins & are given sitting on a chair in the comfort of your own home, no more stressful driving accross town, when your session is over you can sit back and relax 

Reiki Home Visits are currently available within 10 mile of Cumbernauld -
 Cost = £20 per session