Secret Societies

Kryon has told us many times that to keep the ancient knowledge safe we had to hide it in Secret Societies
From the Pythagoras Society to the Masons my Akash sings and tingles with rememberance.

In this lifetime all the men in my family were Masons and as a teenager this rankled because as a woman I was excluded, occassionally I would be allowed to attend as a daughter or wife but still it chaffed somehow, it wasn't until recent years that I realised why it upset me,I was reacting to what I felt was Womans business, my Sacred KNowledge being taken over by men and performed badly wow all that supressions

Another recent connection came through my Grandfathers and this brings me to my other passion of horses

In North East Scotland from around the eighteenth century what had initially been Goddess Horse Worship & celebrated as one of the Sabats became a secret society akin to the masons called
   “The Society of the Horseman's Word”.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                               To become a member you had to work with horses and have shown some skill with horses, most of them would have been Ploughmen, Blacksmiths or carters  
Meetings would be held during the witching hour on Sabbat nights and young apprentices had to wait to be invited to the secret meetings and after receiving sacred initiations including Masonic oaths and handshakes;  which involved the teaching that the first horse whisperer was Adam  in the garden of Eden; they learned the magical rituals that helped them control horses. (and women!) The young apprentice would eventually be give the secret knowledge of the “Horse Mans Word” which could not be repeated outside the society until it was “whispered “ to his horse ( 'sic iubeo' - thus I command) if such a statement were used in the past it would now in todays enlightened times become  – Trust in Me!

 Over time the Horsemans society developed into trade unions which provided its members better working conditions, ensuring that their skills of Whispering to horses became valued by society.

In the 18th centuary the art of horse whispering was taken over to America by an Irish Traveller and made famous by cowboys,

Moving forward a few hundred years " the Way of the Medicine Pony" takes Horse Whispering nicely into the new energy, it is not only a gentle way of training horses but also a wonderful tool for personal development

and a great addition to the Teaching Wheel