Daughters of Mu Water Ceremony

Over 75% -of our physical body is water and each molecule of water contains a memory which retains every action & thought both positive and negative.

When we speak or hear negative words the water in our cells hangs on to that emotion and over time this lowers our enrgy causing unbalance and disease.

Equally if those water molecules are exposed to positive vibrations great healing can occur both personally and globally making water a fantastic conduit for cleaning up the emotion energies around the world

As a Woman you hold within you the key to healing Gaia, your self, your family & your communities through the blessing of the water within our Sacred Ceremony

 At the end of our sacred water ceremony the blessed water is shared out around the circle with the remaining water taken to streams rivers and seas by one of the Sistars and sent of out into the world

Are you ready to Step up & become a Water Bearer or a Guardian of the Sacred Water
Above on the Left is a photograph of a sample of water before receiving healing prayers at a Kryon ceremony
on the right is a photograph of the same water after the ceremony has taken place