Horse Wisdom and the Lemurian Wheel of Balance
​The Way of the Medicine Pony

New for 2019 - The Way of the Medicine Pony
 Horse Wisdom and the Lemurian Wheel of Balance
Experience the Horse Human Connection and Invite the herd to guide you on a transformational journey around the Lemurian Teaching Wheel - the Wheel of Seeking Balance

This programme is an alternative to the Women only Daughters of Mu workshops for those who would prefer to be outdoors in Gaia and can be taken by men, women and children age 12 and over

Enter the Sacred Circle & make a Magnetic Heart Connection with your chosen Mustang
allowing him or her to guide your Medicine journey around the Teaching Wheel

No previous horse experience is required only a willingness to Be with the herd & listen to what they have to say

Personal Development
Spiritual Growth
Emotional Healing
Grief / Loss
Goal Setting
Spiritual Guidance
Finding your Passion
Having FUN!!!
Activities will vary depending on the time of year, energy of the herd & goals of the participent
Whichever form the day takes for you,
we will be there giving just enough support & guidance to ensure you achieve your personal goals.

                   Runs from Spring Equinox - Autumn Equinox                      
We will be working outside so please come prepared for the British Weather