Monthly Sacred Circle
Daughters of Mu & the Lemurian Wheel of Balance
Recalibrate your life with Ancient Wisdom 
The original Lemurian Teaching Wheel of Seeking Balance teachings from the star mothers
(as channelled by Lee Carroll (kryon) & Laura Barbour)  

The Lemurian Wheel of Balance is a blueprint for life and is encoded with the Sacred Geometry,

Ancient Knowledge and the Core Teaching given to us by our Star Mothers.  

This Sacred knowledge on how to live a more joyful, healthier and longer life was passed down through time from Mother to Daughter, life time after lifetime
the secret way to reset your energy to the divine blueprint

It was this knowledge that made Lemuria the longest lasting and most peaceful society that this planet has ever known
the information has been locked away waiting for a time when the world decided that it wanted to live,
when the choice was to have peace, where we choose to live longer & enjoy better health,
where our children could grow up free of fear or imbalance
In short when we choose to create a NEW Lemuria
this is the time that you have waited eons for, the time has finally come
Are you ready to re claim the gifts and tools that are rightfully yours, are you ready to Change your life
If you have had enough of being sad, sick or tired then this is what you have been looking for  
Working with the Lemurian Wheel of Balance will help you live longer & bring more joy and abundance into your life,
It is so simple a child can do it & yet filled with so much inner mystery & magic

Monthly group re starting end of June
11am - 3pm - Cumbernauld - Energy exchange = £40

although we will follow the same basic format each time the group energy will guide the sessions
We begin by connecting through the Stargate with Gaia, your own personal guides, the Lemurian Masters &
the Star Mothers, after actively working with the energies of the Wheel we will end the session with a hands on Energy session to help anchor our new vibration  
To book call Laura on - 07392185022