Daughters of Mu & the Lemurian Teaching Wheel
The original Lemurian Teaching Wheel - The Wheel of Seeking Balance - teachings from the Star Mothers
(as channelled by Lee Carroll (kryon) & Laura Barbour)  

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The Lemurian Wheel of Balance is encoded with the original sacred core teachings given to us by our Star Mothers
It is filled with sacred geometry and contains everything that we need to heal and rebalance our lives

In the time of Lemuria both boys and girls from the age of 7 would attend school with their mothers, they were taught the core   lessons that would help them to keep their life in balance. Once they reached age 13 they were taught in single sex groups,
each group learning how to develop their own unique gifts and skills

Men were taught the skills they would need to support their community & the women honoured them for their skills
Women were taught more esoteric knowledge on timing, healing, birth & death
Some women would become Priestesses who would go on to learn more advanced healing techniques and learn how to conduct sacred ceremony 

This is where it all began in the days of the original Lemuria and this is where we begin again as we build the New Lemuria
This is what you have been waiting for - the ground work has been laid, the marker has been passes
Now is the Time to reset your personal vibration to that of the new Lemuria and the new Human Template

Working with the Lemurian Wheel of Balance will help you live longer & bring more joy and abundance into your life,
It is so simple a child can do it & yet filled with so much inner mystery & magic


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For Goddesses who would like to immerse themselves in the teachings 
This is where we give Pure Intent to step forward into our power, reclaiming our individual gifts, those little nuggets of crystal & gold that we planted in our DNA in readyness for this life time .
As you step forward into spiral one your cells will all sit up in readyness to unlock your Akashic memories