Daughters of Mu Workshops and Retreats

Recalibrate your life with Ancient Wisdom from the Star Mothers

Would you like to live longer and experience more Joy in your life?

During the Daughters of Mu Workshops and Retreats we will invite the Star Mothers to help us access the core issues that we need to address to move forward into the best version of our lives through the Lemurian Teaching Wheel or the Wheel of Balance,
completing the process with some hands on energy healing to anchor our new vibration and the new Human Template

1 Day Wheel of Balance Workshop
is ideal for anyone just starting out on this Journey
Restarting monthly end of June in Cumbernauld 

1 Day Gaia and the Elementals Workshop
We will invite the Elementals to guide our Journey around the Wheel of Balance

3 Day Temple of Healing and Rejuvenation Intensive
We will divide our time between working with the Lemurian Teaching Wheel and Healing our Energy Bodies
The Next date for this Intensive is November - Cumbernauld - Venue to be confirmed
To Register your interest call Laura on - 07392185022

Inner Child Workshop
is more focussed on accessing deep wounds

The Journey Home to the Goddess inside
is an intensive gift of self love

Daughters of Mu Priestess Training -
This is for Goddessess who are ready to step fully into their power
Begins November 2020

1 Day Workshop
3 Day Temple of Healing & Rejuvenation Intensive